BMW 6 Series Convertible And Comfortable 2015

BMW 6 series convertible is the version of series 640i. It is a sporty luxury and balanced the system of fast and safety. This item is stylish car in which the roof top is not existed. For the engine specification, starting from the transmission, it has eight speeds atomically supporting by 3.0 liters. It means that you have a high speed for the car. Surprisingly, this is covered by the system protection called turbo twin power in 24 valves and 6 cylinders.

BMW 6 series convertible according to the manufacture provides the guaranty during four years until 50000 miles. For the economic fuel is 20/30 mpg. For the interior, they apply the keyless entry. It is modified with the remote control function. The, automatically, the climate control, in which they are separated on the left side and the right side, will manage the circulation of air.

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Moreover, the fresh air will soon reach your interior of the car because the ventilation of micro-filter is laminated on the soft surface of the heated glass. It will sensory the climate and working to lower down or higher up the windows. Especially for the audio, the manufacture designs the Hi-Fi system. It will let you have the MP3/CD player or the radio system with the stereo voice as the requirement standard of convertible of BMW 6 series..

Considered for the safety, the air bag system will protect the front seats. The system which handle the airbag will predict the necessary unplug air bag or not to come out accurately. It is also improved the heated seat and the Bluetooth system. The vehicle provides the qualified exterior; they prove it by having the open-rooftop. It is so sensitive if they predict the weather of the atmosphere around is wet, they will close automatically. Moreover, the tire’s selections are star spoke. It has size 18 x 8.0 alloys. For the material of the body, they use the aluminum on the hood and doors. It is the light weight material, but the strength is not doubtable in BMW 6 series convertible.

Description: BMW 6 series convertible brings the acceleration and exhilarations in your driving especially series 640i. They provide the fastest and the safest idea to protect you.

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